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How to Win at #Whammageddon: A Survival Guide

whammageddon Nov 23, 2023

It's that time of the year again - #Whammageddon season!

The rules are simple: avoid hearing Wham's classic holiday song "Last Christmas" from December 1st all the way up to Christmas Eve. If you hear it, you're out and you post #Whammageddon to your social media account. It sounds easy, but as stores, radios, and public places start decking their halls with festive tunes, the challenge intensifies. Fear not, dear reader, as I'm here to arm you with strategies to emerge victorious in this yuletide game of stealth and strategy with this lighthearted blog post: 

1. Embrace Alternative Music Genres

One of your best allies in this game is non-traditional Christmas music. Genres like metal are less likely to feature holiday classics. So, it's time to delve into Metal Therapy. Not only will it keep you safe from "Last Christmas," but it also introduces you to a whole new world of music. And if you stumble upon a metal cover of the song, breathe easy – covers and remixes don’t count! Remember, you can listen to Metal Therapy on Burwell Radio every Sunday at 7pm and Tuesdays at 8pm. You can also catch up with past episodes on Mixcloud

2. Curate Your Playlists

Take control of your musical environment. Craft playlists filled with safe songs and genres. Whether you're at home, in the car, or with earphones in public, your custom playlist is your shield against accidental Wham encounters.

3. Communicate with Friends and Family

Let your social circle know about your #Whammageddon participation. Friends and family can be your lookouts, warning you if "Last Christmas" is about to play. Cooperation is key!

4. Use Noise-Canceling Headphones

Invest in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. They are not just for music; they can also serve as a protective barrier in potentially risky public places like shopping centres or cafes.

5. Shop Online

Reduce the risk of encountering the song by minimising visits to physical stores, where you have less control over background music. Online shopping can be your best friend during the Whammageddon season.

6. Be Vigilant in Public Spaces

Always be on your guard when you're out and about. Learn to recognise the opening notes of "Last Christmas" so you can make a quick escape or cover your ears in time.

7. Explore Podcasts and Audiobooks

If music feels too risky, switch to podcasts or audiobooks during the season. There's a wealth of content out there that can keep you entertained and Wham-free.

8. Have Fun!

Remember, #Whammageddon is all in good fun. It's a playful way to engage with the holiday season. So, even if you get "Whammed," enjoy the game and the camaraderie it brings.

You've got this!

Surviving #Whammageddon requires a mix of strategy, vigilance, and a sense of humor. By following these tips, you stand a good chance of making it to Christmas Eve unscathed. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the season, and may the odds be ever in your favour! And, as always, if you have enjoyed reading this post, please do feel free to share it with your friends and families! 

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