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Here I am, practicing what I preach!

pratice what you preach! Sep 24, 2021
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You have probably come to this page because you have bought my Essential Relaxation Toolkit audio program.

Thank you for your support, by the way, and I hope you like the individual sessions! If you have explored the rest of this site, you may have come across some pretty cringeworthy, unfinished sections. Depending on when you are reading this, you may still find Rani, a wellbeing coach, promoting her lifestyle and nutrition membership program. Rani doesn’t exist, of course. She, and all of her very well thought through and expertly crafted products came with the site theme. I haven’t deleted her products, nor her non-existent membership program, as I will be offering something very similar, but of course focused on psychology and mental wellbeing topics instead. I daren’t delete the placeholder posts, as I think they’re excellent, and I don’t trust myself yet to design anything like it from scratch, so I’m planning to simply edit them as and when the corresponding products are ready. If I’m completely honest, I’m quite embarrassed about some parts of this website. At the time of writing, there is only one single product you can buy, and it’s the audio program that has most likely led you to this blog in the first place. There will be more soon, but I’m busy and things do take me some time to complete. To give you an idea of how long things can sometimes take me: clients have been asking me to record an audio relaxation program for years now. Each time they asked, I replied that I am planning on offering one in the future, but it has taken me until now to finally get it done. So here I am with my one little audio course and a half-finished website. As I write this, the Essential Relaxation Toolkit is about to be launched in less than 5 hours, and I admit that here was a part of me that was oh so tempted to delay and get the rest of the site finished off first. (There is still a part of me right now that would just love to cancel the whole thing – maybe blame it on some technical difficulties, and then try again when the website is finished?) But luckily, I have already told people that the launch is happening today, and I have also already given out coupons to some of my clients, so pulling out now is really not an option anymore. But the main reason I want to launch The Cambridge Therapy Centre Seminars with just a single product and a half-finished website is this: this is exactly what I have been telling countless numbers of clients to do over the years. I can’t remember how many times clients have come up with a great idea and then repeatedly told me week after week that “it’s nearly ready to launch, I just need to finish the website, it should only take another three months now!” And each time I have told them the same thing: “you don’t need to finish the website to a point of perfection – all you need on there is your contact details, so people can reach you, what it is that you’re offering, how much it costs and how to buy. Everything else you can edit later, in fact, if you like, you can edit your website 100 times every day, once it’s live!” I am proud to say that this advice has worked for many of my clients, and that they have indeed launched all sorts of different businesses and projects by doing exactly that, making a start and then taking things from there. I have, of course, also grown my own therapy practice over the last two decades, but I had also become comfortable with what I had on offer and reluctant to venture any further. And I can tell you this: developing even a simple audio relaxation program does take time and effort, and I could easily continue to fiddle with the website it sits on for another three to six months, but that would go completely against what I have been telling my clients to do for so many years. So here I am, following my own advice, and let me tell you, it does feel scary, and it does feel uncomfortable, but at least I will be able to tell future clients that if I can do it, then I’m sure you can, too! I’m going to listen to Testament’s Practice What You Preach album after the launch today, as it’s one of my favourite albums and it does feel rather appropriate. (You know about my radio show Metal Therapy, right? You don’t? Ah well, I’ll have to tell you all about that in another blog post then!) I’m glad you’ve visited today. Have fun exploring the rest of this incomplete site and thanks for joining me on this ride!

P.S. I'm glad to report that Rani has now been replaced by Sad Robot who is going to act as my temporary placeholder for the moment. 

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