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What if you could just escape?

Your Safe Place lets you do just that. 

The Safe Place is a simple, yet powerful visualisation technique we regularly use in therapy to help our clients overcome PTSD flashbacks, panic attacks, as well as general stress and anxiety.

Whether you're looking for a grounding exercise to use alongside your own EMDR or CBT based exposure therapy sessions, or a basic relaxation aid to use on your own, the Safe Place is a valuable tool you can learn to use for free today.

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For therapists: 

Use this guided Safe Place visualisation in your own practice, or simply share it with your clients as part of their EMDR, CBT, or psychotherapy sessions. 

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For clients

Learn how to go to your Safe Place today. Once you get the hang of it, you can either continue to use our guidance, or adapt it in any other way that is suitable for you. And of course you can share this page with your friends or anyone else you think might benefit from this free therapy tool.

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For you:

Whatever your reason for coming here today, the Safe Place is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about stress relief and relaxation. Whether you are using the Safe Place with a specific goal in mind or just to unwind, our simple guidance will allow you to find your centre of inner peace and tranquillity. 

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